Making your home cheaper.

Solving homelessness.

Home prices have increased by 67% in 7 years. Homelessness has increased by 12%.

Housing costs increase when the demand for housing exceeds the available supply of housing. Restrictive zoning and excessive fees are the largest impediments to increasing the supply of affordable housing in Utah.

Prosperity Utah plans to dramatically reduce the burdensome regulations that cause the price of housing to increase.

At the present time, Utah has no measurable plan to combat homelessness despite over $100 million being spent on the issue in just the past few years.

This is for two reasons:

  • There is very little data on our homeless population at both the state and federal level
  • There is little to no coordination between service providers. Some provide food, others provide shelter, but they do not work together to help individuals become self reliant.

Prosperity Utah plans to solve these issues by gathering data and connecting our homeless population with service providers while tracking their progress.

These things do not currently exist though the United States has spent decades and trillions of dollars trying to solve this pernicious issue. This is the first step in creating a data-backed action plan to end homelessness in Utah.