Prosperity Utah has launched Traffic Free Utah to reduce congestion, improve air quality, create safer roadways, save taxpayer funds on infrastructure costs, and improve overall quality of life in Utah.

Traffic Free Utah aims to take 5,000 cars off the road and reduce congestion along Utah’s main corridor by 25%.

Our objective is to encourage the state’s largest employers to join the Traffic Free Utah Initiative by committing to transfer a percentage of their workforce to work from home or give them flex hours, spreading out the time that people are on the road.

UDOT implemented this same plan when Utah hosted the olympics in 2002 and reduced traffic by 40%.

Moving 5,000 jobs to work from home or have flex hours would:
  • 1) Reduce congestion levels by 25%
  • 2) Improve commute times by ___
  • 3) Decreases pollutants from transportation by ___%
  • 4) Prevent approximately ___ accidents each year
  • 5) Save $___ on Infrastructure costs
Our vision extends beyond simply reducing traffic.

Our long term goal is for Utah to become traffic free. This initiative is phase one. When successful, we hope to scale the effort by moving even more jobs to work from home and dramatically improving the above metrics over time.

We hope to create a statewide working environment that uniquely fits Utah’s family centric culture, encourages dialogue about best transportation practices, and improves overall employee satisfaction.

Not only does this ensure that Utah continues to decrease the amount of cars on the road for years to come, but allows future generations to continue to reap the benefits of this initiative.