Prosperity. Innovation. Impact.

Prosperity Council was founded to make sure that Utah stays ahead of the growth curve. With our population set to double over the next 30 years our policy aims to improve Utah’s quality of life, maintain our strong business climate, and drive innovation in government while solving some of our toughest challenges.


A New Technology

Local governments spend millions of taxpayer dollars to run elections every year. The cities and counties who administer elections are notoriously inefficient at doing so. Ballots are often late, not counted, or lost completely. In fact, a majority of US elections systems still use Windows 7 as an operating system.

If our election systems are not secure and the process is not efficient, how can we be sure they are accurate? Prosperity council has a solution.

Blockchain is the newest innovation in cybersecurity. It decentralizes information throughout multiple computers, making it nearly impossible to hack or tamper with.

By implementing blockchain in voting voters are able to vote safely and securely from their phones. This eliminates paper, lines at polling places, staff time, and opportunities for error such as losing or printing multiple for the same household. Additionally this allows members of the military and overseas voters to cast their ballot from anywhere in the world, even if they do not have access to a reliable post office.

Audits and user surveys have already proven that blockchain voting is safe, secure, and effective. Blockchain voting improves the efficiency of elections while decreasing costs to save taxpayer money. Prosperity Council urges it's adoption.

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Utah has too many regulations.They're preventing job growth and holding us back from our full economic potential.

Idaho is the least regulated state with 41,000 regulations on the books. Utah exceeds that by over 115% with 88,000 regulations.

Over regulation stifles our economy, halts job growth, and suppresses innovation and the many social benefits it offers.

Utah’s economy is strong. Imagine how much stronger it would be if the government made it easy to start a business, to get a job, and make new discoveries that advance society.

Think of the families who could rise out of poverty, become proud business owners, and create generational wealth for their children and grandchildren.

This can be our reality here in Utah.

Prosperity Council has a three point plan to make Utah the least regulated state in the country and unleash private sector job growth like never before.

  • #1

    Cut occupational licensing regulations by 25%.

  • #2

    Remove outdated regulations that aren’t needed anymore.

  • #3

    Repeal regulations hurt the economy the most.

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