True Capitalism: Using Markets to Drive Social Progress1

Capitalism has gotten a bad rap lately, blamed for poverty, inequality, and greed. In reality, open & dynamic markets are responsible for upward mobility, social progress, and increased charitable giving. Prosperity Utah’s True Capitalism initiative aims to reframe the general public’s understanding of capitalism. From increasing employee stock options to pursuing environmentally friendly policies, we can address the criticisms of capitalism and make our case stronger than ever. Through events, educational videos, and more, Prosperity Utah is changing the debate and helping more people understand the benefits of free markets and entrepreneurship.

The Problem

Many Americans, particularly the younger generation, believe that capitalism only serves the interests of the 1% through the exploitation of the environment and labor. Yet many who have this perception also believe in entrepreneurship and want to be business owners themselves someday. This is a serious disconnect in the minds of many Americans and it is one that needs to be corrected. This view is growing among active voters and will result in more anti-capitalist policies that diminish quality of life and slow progress unless we act now to combat it.

Our goal is to illustrate the benefits of a true market system that works for everyone and contrast it with the destructive effects of crony capitalism.

True capitalism spurs new discoveries, creates technology that helps humankind, advances science, and moves society forward for all races, classes, and peoples. True capitalism gives everyone a stake in the market economy, and allows more people to build generational wealth, relieve the stress of financial hardship, and live more fulfilling lives. These are the benefits of capitalism. It is our job to make them accessible to everyone.

In contrast, crony capitalism stifles competition and progress through the union of corporation and state. By employing armies of lawyers and lobbyists, large incumbent firms can effectively block out competition, resulting in net losses for the average American, but huge profits for those at the top. This is cronyist self-dealing, not true capitalism.

The Solution

Prosperity Utah plans to drive a sharp contrast between these two systems in the minds of the voter through the following steps:

Host educational events to teach the difference between true capitalism and crony capitalism

With our help, voters will become familiar with and see the benefits of true capitalism, while being able to identify policies that are unfair or anti-competitive.  Prosperity Utah will develop a curriculum and training for voters to really understand why we need True Capitalism and what they can do about it.

Launch a media campaign to shift public opinion in support of free markets

Our goal is to educate voters on the benefits of true capitalism. Through videos, written pieces, events, and a targeted social media and earned media campaign, Prosperity Utah will employ unique and non-traditional messaging to build support for free markets among audiences that are skeptical or even hostile to capitalism. We know that markets move society forward, create wealth, and tackle poverty. We must shift public opinion so that the masses understand this as well and firmly support capitalism and free markets.



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