Healing Our Healthcare System: Affordable Care for Everyone

Healthcare costs in the United States are too high. Many cannot afford care for themselves and their families. The current proposed solutions only increase government intervention in the healthcare space and will make the problem worse. We need free-market alternatives. We need solutions that drive competition and innovation in medicine so that prices fall and quality improves. Healthcare should be accessible to everyone. Through market-based solutions we can make that vision a reality.

The Problem

60% of all bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical expenses. Administrative costs alone account for one-third of all medical prices. 79% of Americans are dissatisfied with the healthcare system. Clearly, the American healthcare system is broken and Prosperity Utah’s Healing Our Healthcare System is pursuing innovative solutions to fix it.

The Solution

Prosperity Utah’s Healing Our Healthcare System: Affordable Care for Everyone initiative advances policy change that decreases the cost and increases the quality of healthcare in the United States. Our goal is to ensure that every American can receive the lifesaving healthcare that they need. Through this initiative we are addressing:

The Opioid Crisis – 130 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses. Many become addicted by medication that was legally prescribed to them. We need to reform our system now.

Education in K-12: In the past 30 years, the number of US physicians has increased by 150%. In that same time, the number of healthcare administrators has increased by 3200%. We need to inspire more kids to become doctors to increase the amount of care our system can provide.

Competitiveness in the industry – Innovation is the key to a stronger healthcare system. Cures for cancer, HIV, and more are still ahead of us. We identify and reform policies that chill innovation and progress in healthcare.

Lower costs – There is no greater barrier to saving lives than the high cost of healthcare. We seek policy change that will make healthcare affordable and accessible to everybody.


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