Regulatory Reform


Utah should be the easiest state to live, work, and raise a family. Our regulatory structure makes life more difficult for Utah citizens to get by, increases the financial strain on families, and stifles job growth and innovation. Utah has 88,000 regulations on the books. This is much more than competing states like Arizona & Nevada who each have 64,000 regulations and more than double Idaho’s 41,000. While our neighbors are leading the way, Utah’s burdensome regulation continues to be a primary source of high healthcare costs and a lack of affordable housing.


Affordable housing & homelessness


Home prices have increased by 67% in 7 years. Homelessness has increased by 12%. Housing costs increase when the demand for housing exceeds the available supply of housing. Restrictive zoning and excessive fees are the largest impediments to increasing the supply of affordable housing in Utah. Prosperity Utah plans to dramatically reduce the burdensome regulations that cause the price of housing to increase.


Criminal Justice Reform


In 2015 Utah passed the Justice Reinvestment Initiative to decrease Utah’s prison population and save taxpayers $542 million in corrections spending while reducing crime rates and making our streets safer.


Unfortunately, five years later only 1/5th of the original plan has been implemented. As a result, recidivism rates have increased by 8% and Utah is at risk for consistent cost increases in our criminal justice system.




Prosperity Utah’s Healthcare Policy Center advances policy change that decreases the cost and increases the quality of healthcare in the United States. Our goal is to ensure that every American can receive the lifesaving healthcare that they need.


Infrastructure & Transportation


Our goal is for Utah to become traffic free. The problem of congestion is easy to understand and with the right amount of collaboration it can be solved. Traffic is caused by too many cars on the road at the same time. High congestion levels decrease public safety and increase infrastructure costs that lead to higher taxes.


Education & workforce development


Utah should have the highest standard of education and the most sought after workforce. We must replace the classroom model of education with a self-driven, decentralized model of education. Lawmakers should empower teachers to experiment with innovative content and delivery methods to help kids find their passions and inspire them to want to learn on their own. Our education system should prepare students to become leaders in their chosen fields, achieve financial independence, understand the foundations of a free society, and attain the highest levels of self actualization.




Utah must implement policies that drive competition in the energy market in order to increase the amount of low cost energy that we produce. Utah has massive untapped potential in the energy space. Not only from clean, traditional sources, but from green alternatives. Utah should seek to achieve low cost, high power energy while reducing carbon emissions. Our citizens should pay the lowest utility bills in the country and our energy sources should be diverse, competitive, and clean.


Clean Environment


Our long term goal is for Utah to become traffic free. This initiative is phase one. When successful, we hope to scale the effort by moving even more jobs to work from home and dramatically improving the above metrics over time.

We hope to create a statewide working environment that uniquely fits Utah’s family centric culture, encourages dialogue about best transportation practices, and improves overall employee satisfaction.