Prosperity Utah Launches Healthcare Policy Center & Announces New Co-Chairman.

August 31, 2020

Prosperity Utah is excited to announce the launch of our Healthcare Policy Center with the generous contribution of our new Co-Chairman Rich Linder.

Rich serves as the Founder, Chairman, & CEO of Xenter MD. Prior to founding Xenter, Rich co-founded Connexions Medical, a privately owned company specializing in the development and manufacture of medical devices for Orthopaedic Surgery in tendon reconstruction and tendon to bone anchoring.

His guidance will be crucial as we seek to move healthcare toward a market based system where prices fall, quality improves and everyone can get the medical care that they need.

With 60% of bankruptcies in the US caused by exorbitant medical expenses, and 79% of Americans expressing dissatisfaction with the healthcare system it is time for a change.

Prosperity Utah’s Healthcare Policy Center will focus on policies that drive competitiveness in the industry and cause prices to fall, expanding access and quality of care for everyone.