Prosperity Minute news update: Oct 19, 2022

November 18, 2022

Governors Races – GOP Expecting Win Back the West

Republicans will pick up two governors’ mansions in November, according to current predictions by Real Clear Politics. They are predicting that Democrats will pick up Maryland and Massachusetts, while Republicans will win in Kansas, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Oregon – that last one would be a particular victory, with Nike founder Phil Knight pouring millions of his own money to restore some sanity to the Beaver State.
In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp has a 6-point lead in his rematch with Stacey “I never said I never lost” Abrams. In Arizona, populist favorite Republican Kari Lake is predicted to thwart Democrats from stealing the Grand Canyon State – but the margin is razor thin.

Republican Wave Incoming

The Wall Street Journal is less conservative in their prediction about conservative success this November – they warn Democrats “Brace Yourselves for a Republican Wave.

Utah Polls – Lee In Trouble?

Sen. Mike Lee can’t seem to get good headlines, despite the fact that he’s ahead in every poll: the D News has him at +5. Despite this, the Daily Caller last week put him and challenger Evan McMullin in a statistical dead heat. Sen. Mitt Romney still refuses to endorse Lee (Fox News). Oh, and having finally converted to the Dark Side, Star Wars actor Mark Hammill has endorsed McMullin (The Hill).
The Salt Lake Tribune – obviously eager to lose their bogus tax-exempt status – has tried to sabotage the election for Lee, publishing an op-ed meant to look as though Lee wasn’t endorsing himself.

With $9 Trillion Destroyed, Biden Calls Economy “Strong As Hell”

Prolonged inflation has forced central banks to hike interest rates, punishing stocks: the S&P and Nasdaq had dropped 23% and 33%. Both indexes hit two-year lows last week. Morgan Stanley predicts the S&P, already down 21.5% this year, could plummet another 10% to 20%. (Forbes) But the Dow climbed 300+ points this week, as markets look to build off some solid earnings returns. (Fox)
The number quoted is that $9 trillion in wealth this year – so far. (CNBC) However, an ice cream-munching President Joe Biden announced the economy was “as strong as hell.” A spokesdevil for Hell was quick to label the statement “highly irresponsible.” (Babylon Bee)

Utes Beat USC!

The University of Utah narrowly beat the USC Trojans 43-42 with a crushing second half of the game. After their win, the Utes have reclaimed second place in the Pac-12 power rankings.

New flag designs for Utah!

Utah is getting a new flag design for – oh, wait, no one cares.