Prosperity Minute news update: Oct 28, 2022

November 17, 2022


Last-Minute Endorsements Rolling In for Mike Lee

While Real Clear Politics puts Utah as a “leans GOP,” it’s by no means certain that Mike Lee will win his third Senate term. Both former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard have officially endorsed Lee, which should help Utah’s senior Senator, with the former holding a highly publicized, well-attended event Thursday in Salt Lake Valley.
Meanwhile, challenger tells MSNBC that Lee has embraced (yawn) “the politics of extremism!”

Inflation Hurting Everyone, But Helping Republicans

On a generic ballot, Republican congressional candidates are favored over Democrats by 49%-45%, according to a poll by USA Today, pushed mostly by Biden’s inflation. Of those surveyed, 37% say economy/inflation is the most important issue.
The composite of President Biden’s approval rating is -10.5, though Monmouth and Gallup both put him at -16!

“Defund the Police” Movement Coming Back to Haunt Democrats

Street crime has re-emerged as an issue, having been largely absent from national politics for 20 years. However, the fallout from Democrats’ pro-criminal, anti-police policies has brought the issue back – not surprisingly – to the Republicans’ advantage: a ABC News/Washington Post poll showed Republicans have a 14-point advantage over Democrats on the issue.

Oct. 27 Was National Civics Day

Thursday was National Civics Day, a day for Americans to commit to better community involvement. While Utah’s like to think of themselves as generally very community oriented, one study found the state has plenty of room for improvement.
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Markets Still In Flux

After missing an earnings report, Facebook/Meta stock tanked 24%, dragging the NASDAQ down with it, however the Dow Jones is up thanks to a slightly better than expected GDP report from the Department of Commerce. Mortgage rates have climbed above 7%, a first in 20 years.

Could The Utah Jazz Win The NBA Title This Season?

The new NBA season is up and running. With all its young talent, could this be the year for the Utah Jazz? Yahoo! Sports digs deep into Utah’s beloved franchise.