The Plan

Utah should be the easiest state to live, work, and raise a family. Our regulatory structure makes life more difficult for Utah citizens to get by, increases the financial strain on families, and stifles job growth and innovation. Utah has 88,000 regulations on the books. This is much more than competing states like Arizona & Nevada who each have 64,000 regulations and more than double Idaho’s 41,000. While our neighbors are leading the way, Utah’s burdensome regulation continues to be a primary source of high healthcare costs and a lack of affordable housing.

Prosperity Utah’s regulatory reform effort seeks to change that. Our goal is to make Utah the least regulated state in the nation. We have a three part plan to cut job killing regulations, clean up our regulatory code, and unleash private sector prosperity like never before seen.

#1 Cut occupational licensing regulations by 25%

High occupational licensing requirements prevent our most needy communities from quickly finding employment and stability. They contribute little to public safety and increase costs to consumers. We call on the Utah legislature to pass the bipartisan Regulatory Reduction Pilot Program and reduce occupational licensing requirements by 25%.

#2 Remove outdated regulations from the Utah code

Idaho recently became the least regulated state in the nation just by removing outdated regulations from their code. Things like payphone and horse racing regulations clutter our state code and increase compliance costs while decreasing enforcement efficiency. The state should review and repeal these outdated regulations.

#3 Enact substantial regulatory reform

Cutting occupational licensing and cleaning up our code are important but not sufficient. Utah needs to review and repeal our most burdensome regulations holding back growth and driving up costs with a special emphasis on healthcare, affordable housing, energy, and new business creation.

Utah is known as the most business friendly and entrepreneurial state*. We need a regulatory code that compliments this reputation and allows us to maintain our edge while outpacing the rest of the pack. Prosperity Utah’s regulatory reform initiative will make Utah the least regulated state in the nation and become an example for other state’s to follow to unleash untold economic prosperity.

*Amazon's 2019 Small Business Impact Report

How Utah can be the best state for regulations