Solutions to Our Homelessness Crisis

May 7, 2021

Utah spends approximately $100 million on homelessness services each year. Unfortunately, our unsheltered population has been growing.

To learn why this is the case and discuss what we can do about it, Prosperity Utah hosted “Solutions to our Homelessness Crisis.”

We heard from Dave Kelly, Chairman of the Pioneer Park Coalition, and Dr. Robert Mulbut, the former Executive Director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

We need to take serious action to solve this growing problem. Prosperity Utah was proud to support HB 347 to create greater clarity and efficiency in our homelessness services. Programs like The Other Side Academy, who graciously hosted this event, are shining examples of what our charitable services can become.

Prosperity Utah will continue to champion data driven innovation to support those facing homelessness. We firmly believe that as a community, we can overcome and end this tragedy, together.