Prosperity Utah’s Mission is Simple.

We fight for the right to own and control property.

We show the direct correlation between one’s ability to own and control property and prosperity, how that ability is increasingly under attack, and we fight to improve that ability in order to expand the opportunity of prosperity for all.

The more individuals control and own property, the more free and prosperous a society becomes.This is what moves society forward. It allows billions to climb out of poverty, it advances science and discovery, and it improves quality of life for everyone.

Yet free markets are consistently under attack by corruptible politicians ever willing to expand the size and scope of government, which requires more of its citizens’ property, along with big businesses that seek to give themselves government crafted advantages. This expanding state and system of “crony capitalism”, have given the true system of free markets and limited government a bad rap, increasingly losing public support.

We are changing that.

Through local events, we are training a grassroots army of freedom fighters equipped with an understanding of free markets and the skills needed to persuade others to our side.

Through our monthly socials, we are building a powerful network of business owners, policymakers, and community leaders intent on expanding the benefits of free enterprise to all.

Through mass media campaigns and the power of social media, we are reaching new audiences and educating thousands of people who have never heard the arguments for free markets and capitalism before.

We are doing the hard work necessary to help others understand economics and ensure that prosperity rights are protected for the next generation.

We are putting capitalism into terms that people understand, rebuilding support among the general public, and winning people to our side. Join us.