Prosperity Utah’s Mission is Simple.


We believe that the more individuals are free to own and control property, the more free and prosperous a society becomes. We believe everyone should keep more of the money that they earn and direct their own profession and property with the least amount of regulation.

Yet free markets are consistently under attack by those wanting to expand government and a system of “crony capitalism”, giving the true system of free markets and limited government a bad rap, increasingly losing public support.


We fight to make Utah the lowest taxed state in the nation and fight for federal reforms: Your labor is your property. The tax burden today across all jurisdictions is higher than it's ever been. This governmental confiscation of your property is far afield from the tenets of a free market, limited government economy, let alone the intentions of our founders. We recognize that governments need funding to operate, but its roles are defined and limited in our Constitution, requiring its funding come through user fees and apportionment.

We work to drastically reduce requirements related to occupational licensing and business regulation: You should be allowed to determine your own livelihood without onerous governmental regulation and coercion. Societies and individuals prosper when entrepreneurs are free to build, create, and discover without excessive regulations holding them back. Government has far too much say in how we can work and create enterprises.

We work to achieve the highest percentage of property and business ownership in the country: The right to own property is fundamental to a free society and must be protected and expanded. Through ownership, families can break cycles of poverty and build intergenerational wealth that expands opportunities for future generations, regardless of background or any other distinction.


Grassroots events educating on capitalism: We host grassroots events to educate the general public on the benefits of free markets and limited government. Our training is crafted in terms that resonate with those who do not already support free markets and limited government. Our goal is to build support for capitalism among voters and correct common misconceptions held by opponents of capitalism.

Scholarships: We provide scholarship opportunities for individuals seeking to start their own business.

Educational videos and social media: Through educational videos we reach a wide audience that does not traditionally support our ideas. Much like our educational events, we craft our message in terms that resonate with that audience and persuade them to support free markets and capitalism. For example, we point out how markets help alleviate poverty, advance science and discovery, and make the world a much better place.

Mass media campaigns: Through written op-eds and articles, earned media, prepared talking points for known thought leaders, television interviews, ads, and paid radio Prosperity Utah employs unique and non-traditional messaging to build support for free markets among audiences that are skeptical or even hostile to capitalism.

Monthly networking events: We convene demonstrated business leaders and policymakers to champion ideas that foster economic and political freedom through monthly networking events with an educational speaker.

Inclusive capitalism training for corporate executives: With our help, companies become familiar with and see the benefits of effectively implementing Inclusive Capitalism. Prosperity Utah develops curriculum and training for business executives to really understand why we need Inclusive Capitalism and what they can do about it. Prosperity Utah actively trains business leaders to implement these concepts and help companies improve their rankings on our annual Prosperity Index.

Prosperity Index Report: What is measured and reported improves rapidly. In Prosperity Utah’s annual Prosperity Index report, we analyze key metrics such as homeownership, business ownership, employee stock options and 401k participation, tax and regulatory burden, and more to give policymakers a scoreboard and clear vision to improve Utah. This report is one of a kind and unique to Utah yet has the potential to be taken nationwide and even globally.