Prosperity Utah’s Mission is Simple.


Citizens are overwhelmed with their daily lives, leaving little to no time to be truly informed and engaged in civics. Moreover, many who have attempted to engage feel isolated and powerless to effect change. They need a reliable platform where they can be easily informed on principles of freedom, unite with a like minded community on current issues, and instantly communicate with public officials.

We engage and inform citizens on principles of freedom and prosperity. We do this with concise, engaging multimedia about principles of freedom and prosperity, regular emails that summarize the most important news of the week, and technology that allows citizens to act on that news by instantly communicating with any of their elected officials.

Easy, effective civic engagement starts here.


We inform citizens on principles of freedom and prosperity through creative and engaging multimedia.

We summarize the most important Utah political news that impacts you and your family in a concise email that can be consumed in one minute.

We provide opportunities for like minded individuals to unite on current issues.

We allow citizens to instantly communicate with public officials through our revolutionary platform, offering sample text that can be used or customized for each issue we highlight in our email summaries.